Rolling Fork is the county seat of Sharkey County, Mississippi. The population according to the 2010 Census is 2,143. Sitting at an elevation of 101 feet, the land area of the city is 1.4 square miles. The median household income in 2009 was $30,225.

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In 1826, Rolling Fork was founded as a plantation at the junction of Deer Creek and Rolling Fork Creek. But, it was not until March 5, 1880 that the town was first incorporated. Its second and current incorporation occurred on March 13, 1919 under the leadership of Mayor J.B. Sinai and aldermen W.W. Catchings, Dr. J.R. Perry, J.E. Meek, Dr. B.T. Orendorf and G.C. Cortright as a mayor and board of aldermen form of municipal government. Currently, city residents elect a mayor, one alderman from each of the city's four municipal wards and one at-large alderman every four years. The next municipal election is scheduled for June, 2013.

City Hall

City Hall

City Hall is located on the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Walnut Street, and houses the City Clerk's office, as well as the main water and sewer department, Mayor's office and municipal board room.